FORTUNE HI TECH MARKETING REVIEW – Can You Make Any REAL MONEY with Fortune Hi Tech Marketing?

FHTM Before you sign up for an MLM business, you better know what’s in it for you. Reading this review about Fortune Hi Tech Marketing is a wise decision because you would have to weigh things down before you make a good choice.

Someone might have told you about Fortune Hi Tech Marketing, which is why you are looking for business opportunities, or you might have come across one of Fortune Hi Tech Marketing products which you wanted to try.

This review will be your guide as you decide to take a chance on Fortune Hi Tech Marketing business. You will learn all about the company’s identity and everything in store for you. Success is not determined by the company you choose, but it is how you embrace the chance to succeed given by every MLM business.

I should tell you upfront that I AM NOT A FORTUNE HI TECH MARKETING DISTRIBUTOR OR A FORTUNE HI TECH MARKETING CUSTOMER. This review was made from an objective point of view about the company’s products and the general idea of the business system. 

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing – The Company – Who are they?

Fortune Hi Tech Marketing was founded by Paul Orberson from Lexington, Kentucky. The company links products and services to reps from the network who can sell them to prospect clients


Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing – The Management Team

Jeff Orberson is the Chief Business Officer of Fortune Hi Tech Marketing. He has helped formulate strategies on how to speed up the growth of the company. Before he founded Fortune Hi Tech Marketing, he developed his skills in management at a company in Kentucky which produces music and songwriting.

His goal is to pursue offering many people with chances to succeed. He is now working side by side with his father, Paul, and together they take the business to higher grounds.


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Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing – The Products

The products of Fortune Hi Tech Marketing are not limited to goods. They also have services, mediums of communication and even beauty products. There is no scam in this business, just maximum opportunity. The representatives are provided with a wide selection of what they want to sell to people, because they can incorporate their interest and skills with a particular product.

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing – The Business Opportunity

For you to join Fortune Hi Tech Marketing, you will need at least $250. Through paying this amount, you will be listed as one of their representatives. You can start promoting the products to your network of people.

The Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Compensation Plan

  • Being a Fortune Hi Tech rep, you can earn as much as 20 percent commissions on the goods and services you offer your clients.
  • You can also get a $100 bonus if you recruit another person who will build his business with Fortune.
  • If you produce new clients, you will get as much as 2 percent Customer Generated Usage while they remain as loyal customers.
  • You can generate your own consumer points through personally purchasing the products.
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  • You can still get customer points when you sell the products to individual clients.
  • You can also choose to become a trainer or coach in Fortune Hi Tech Marketing if you pay an additional $300. For training new people, you can get as much as $40 each. That means, you’ll get your money back just by coaching 8 people. If you choose to move your rank higher, you will get $80 for each person you train.
  • You might get a new Lexus if you join the company’s platinum car program.


Fortune Hi Tech Marketing – Is It A Solid Business Opportunity?


Fortune Hi Tech Marketing can offer you a solid and positive business opportunity. But remember that your fate in this endeavor lies on your hands. The company and its products and compensation plan will only serve as your tools in finding your own success. You should still be the one to build that bridge towards your progress. Looking for prospects in shallow waters won’t make you last in MLM. The typical sign up of your network of people alone will only get you as far as six to eight weeks.

If you still have that “Not everyone gets lucky in MLM” mentality, you better think deeper. MLM is not for everyone, but ANYONE can be successful in MLM. What you need in jump starting your first try is to learn being a professional marketer and generating a steady stream of good leads about Fortune Hi Tech Marketing.

Huddling complete strangers just to go up the ladder of this business usually does not give maximum results, plus it will only lead a marketer to have awkward encounters with random people. What you really need for you to go a long way is to learn the right marketing techniques which can allow you to have consistent runs of qualified leads. Above all, branding yourself a leader is a must in every form of business.

If you plan on succeeding in the Fortune Hi Tech Marketing business opportunity, you will need your leads to flow steadily. Attraction marketing strategies will help you in generating more leads, thus increasing your prospect clients and recruits. Not only will you establish your identity as a leader, but you will also help people reach their dreams of succeeding.

Interested In Generating Leads For Your Fortune Hi Tech Marketing Business?

I recommend you use an effective Attraction Marketing System which can help you maximize your skills and time. Through this, you can brand yourself as a leader, maintain consistency of your leads, and earn in the most practical way possible. Your marketing system should be focused on the fastest way to disseminate information, which is online. Aside from an online marketing system, you will also need offline marketing techniques for add up and back up. A powerful combination of both online and offline will lead you to the success you’ve been longing for with Fortune Hi Tech Marketing.

Your development can be defined through your working knowledge, personal branding and lead generation. Learning to become an effective networker both online and offline will make you climb fast in your progress with Fortune Hi Tech Marketing.

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