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Here is a small introduction chapter of the MLM Affiliate magic Ebook! One of the best l read on 2012! Yes, l had read too many marketing books, since l start to bring my business online, but this one is amazing! It combines everything you need to succeed online. It has copy-writing, initiation, passion, inspiration, mentoring! Thanks to Darren Little, my business partner, my mentor and my business coach to allow me to give away his book for free. In this industry and now with his book you can understand the basic secrets and the mindset of success you have to achieve your goals and to live your dreams life in this  business. Absolutely it will worth reading!

The concept of Boomerang Sponsoring extends way beyond the network marketing Industry. It will forever open your eyes to the power of RELATIONSHIP MARKETING, starting with MLM TARGET MARKETING, YOU FIRST BRANDING and BOOMERANG SPONSORING as the keys to becoming a Top Income Earner in the MLM affiliate marketing industry

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Here is the introduction chapter:

“Welcome to MLM Affiliate Magic and congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming a Top Income Earner in the MLM affiliate marketing industry!

This book has changed the way I work on my business and new way on working on network marketing and if you’ve ever  wondered how some people are able to fast track their way to the top in any MLM business these days, you can sum it up in two simple words; “BOOMERANG SPONSORING”. The goal of this book is to explain to you in detail how Boomerang Sponsoring works, why it works, and how you can use this strategy to build your own MLM Empire or any affiliate marketing business.

Sure there are the traditional network marketers who have spent between 15 and 30 years using the TOP 100 lists of friends, family and business associates to painstakingly put together a small group of network marketers spanning the globe.
But in today’s day and age, the real “Top Income Earners” in MLM affiliate marketing are all using some version of the Boomerang Sponsoring System in conjunction with database marketing and ongoing follow-up.

Many people who read this book for the first time and discover the concept of Boomerang Sponsoring will have an earth-shattering “AHA!” moment. The fog will, from this moment forward, be lifted from their brain and they will truly appreciate how powerful Boomerang Sponsoring can be to build their MLM Empire.

After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars using conventional, network marketing techniques to build our business, we became frustrated by the high rate of attrition and people not being able to find success in the industry. The average person just doesn’t have the knowledge, skills or understanding of REAL TARGET MARKETING to ever have a chance of making it.
So we set out on a quest to help change that.

It was on this quest that we discovered the concept of Boomerang Sponsoring and immediately began putting our thoughts on paper so that we could help as many people as possible find the true success they were looking for; to finally become Top Income Earners.

For most people, the principles shared in this book will be eye opening. For others these principles will just make common sense. But either way, we hope you will take action and implement some type of a Boomerang Sponsoring System into your own MLM affiliate program and see the difference it makes to the quality of your business and to the quality of your life.

This particular Boomerang Sponsoring System has been designed to help promote any MLM affiliate program. It is a turnkey system that can be used to help fund your marketing and advertising campaign and provide your home-based business with working capital.

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