Networking And Branding Your Way To Success

When you join a network marketing company, you officially become its “Distributor/Business Owner.” You’re made to believe that you’re owning your business, but when you get technical, you’re really just someone who represents the company. And that can be Good or Bad  for your long-term network marketing success! If you work hard on it. It may or may not take off. The next thing you realize the company change the structure, the compensation plan or the the management team. Now what, you need to start all over again!

The Pitfalls Of Branding Yourself on Network Marketing.

When you “represent” your network marketing company, you work hard, you don’t own it — the company itself is the main event. When you become successful, they get all the credit and the benefits. You’re just a very well-paid distributor to get the words out! The problem with representing the network marketing company is that it leaves you vulnerable to changes in the market. If suddenly something happened to the network marketing company, gets bought by a larger company, or suffers from bad reputation! What is next!  You go down with it. You may or may not lose the all the hard work you have put in.

The Advantages Of Branding

On the other hand, when you brand yourself, you’re in control. All of a sudden, you’re independent of the company’s rules, reputations, and procedures. When you brand yourself, you can finally run your network marketing venture as your own business. When you build your own brand, you can sell, recruit, and train however way you want! And perhaps the best advantage is that you can market the way you want. Instead of just finding prospects to sell to, you’re building a real community. You’re building your “freedom.”

How to Brand Yourself

Today, the best way to market yourself is through the Internet. After all, having a piece of online business gives you a worldwide reach! It’s highly recommended that you get your own website with your own catchy, brand-identifying domain name. You can then tell the world about your new brand through Internet marketing. You can drive traffic to your website through articles, blogs,  free reports, e-books, social media…… the list goes on. The more people recognize you as an expert in your industry, the more they’ll turn to you for information. Here’s a tip: Make sure you think your domain name thoroughly through. You get to choose only one, so make sure it’s a name you’re willing to stick to for as long as you’re planning to run your network marketing business.

Build Your Brand Today

Branding is extremely important! More and more  network marketers actually do it, which may contribute to the fact that most new network marketers fail in their businesses before their first year. But when you brand yourself, it puts you ahead of the pack. Start building your brand now!  To get  free advice about branding and other little-known aspects of network marketing. Don’t wait until tomorrow to start building your brand — Join me here  to learn how you can brand yourself!

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