Say Good-Bye To Your Boss (Jim Rohn’s Quote “Working Full Time On….)


Being in charge of your network marketing life seems to like a dream for many students of MLM. But with the right attitude at the right time, you would be able to say goodbye to your boss and to your upline.

I Am In Charge of my Network Marketing Life!

In multi-level marketing, there are always people who are a step or several steps higher than you. That’s the upline—those people who recruited you, sponsored you, your bosses. They gain commission based on your sales; they also provide you with mentoring, trainings and pieces of advice on network marketing and how to become better marketers. While you think you dedicate your lives to them because they introduced you into this business and nurtured you, the truth is you can be in charge of your network marketing life. You can take control and take responsibility.

As a matter of fact, most uplines do not want to take responsibility for your success, or, most definitely, for your failure. Most of the time, in your network marketing experience, you would blame people above you for their “lack of support and encouragement.” You would always wish that “maybe” if you get the right kind of help, then you would succeed. While that might be true, you don’t need to wait anymore, you can take control of your life and be your own boss.

Jim Rohn, a celebrated and inspirational entrepreneur once posted the question, “What if you could work FULL-TIME on your LIVING and PART-TIME on your FORTUNE?” He also stated that “we can make a living or we can design a life.” With these thoughts, you should already think of taking charge of your life now. Call your upline today and say goodbye. Tell him how grateful you are to be able to work with him, but it is time for you to make a start, have control and take responsibility for your network marketing life.

In the book, Fixer Upper Fortunes, Sal Vannutini stated that saying goodbye to your boss may seem like a “pipeline dream.” However, if you do not start now, you would achieve nothing. Regardless of your circumstance, you have to start acting now to be the change that you want to be.

Say goodbye to your boss, and be in charge!

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