Asking the right closing question would close an MLM deal and start a new level in your relationship with your prospect. Remember to ask the most important of all MLM closing questions: what do you like best about what you just saw? This also comes with good communication, listening and paying attention.

The MLM Relationship begins with that MLM Closing Question

An end is just a start of a new beginning. So when you ask that most important MLM closing question, you know you are starting a new level of relationship with your prospect. And if the answer is positive, it could be the beginning of something bigger in your MLM business.

It takes a lot of practice to be perfect at asking the closing question to your lead. While the question is already in your head, it would not always come out right; it would not sound good; it would send out a wrong impression or, worse, it would end a relationship. While asking the right question is vital, listening and paying attention are also important. Communication takes more than just talking to your leads. It takes listening as well. Listen and pay attention to your prospects so you would know their need. While we are driven by our instinct to just be interested in what we are going to say, take control and know how to listen and pay attention to others.

The real question in your minds: what is the best MLM closing question? Most of the time, after a video presentation of your MLM business, you would be mentally blocked and would automatically ask your prospects what they think of what they just saw or heard. What you would usually get is a critical view of the business opportunity, and an unfavorable review of what they had seen and heard.

While this would lead you to a defensive approach of your MLM business, it is not the right way to handle a situation and close a deal. Instead ask this question: What do you like best about what you just saw at the presentation? What made you interested at what you just learned? What do you like best about these products? What do you like best about what I just told you? What do you like best….?

This million-dollar question would let you know the real purpose or goal of your prospects. In this way, you would be able to help them get solutions for their problems. If what they like best was the fact that they could make money fast, then let them know just that. You would be able to give them the right answers to what they really need just because you ask the right question.

Closing a deal with your prospects is a process that you need to master. It takes good practice to be perfect at it. Do not forget to ask the most important MLM closing question. Asking the right questions would take you a step higher in your relationship with your MLM prospects. Listen, pay attention and ask the right question.

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