Youngevity Review – Can You Build Your Own Youngevity Business?

Can You Build Your Own Youngevity Business?

Youngevity is a network marketing company that offers health products for anti-aging and immune system support for a forever young and healthy life. More than the healthy and young life, Youngevity also provides a business opportunity with an exciting compensation plan. This Youngevity review presents a brief introduction about the company, its products and the compensation plan.

A Bit of Youngevity


Here is another MLM company that offers health products. While there is already a long list of network marketing companies that focus on the improvement of health, I think that each is worth learning about. Youngevity, judging by the name, is an MLM company that promotes a forever young and healthy life through its long line of nutritional products. With this mission is the promise of a business opportunity that would keep your forever young life financially stable. Let’s learn more about Youngevity in this short review.


Youngevity—Who are they?


Youngevity started as American Longevity with very dedicated founders Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan. Dr. Wallach himself is a master biomedical researcher who became very involved and critical about certain medical treatments. This direct selling company’s mission is to improve people’s lifestyle and present to them a business opportunity that would improve their financial stability.


Youngevity—What products do they have?Youngevity

Each product in Youngevity focuses on a certain nutritional need and medical condition, like the Cell Shield capsules that promote cellular longevity; Rebound Citrus powder for quick sustained energy and Tangy Tangerine drink that supports healthy immune system. The most interesting is their Youngevity Healthy Chocolate that’s anti-oxidant rich.

You might begin to wonder how such a delicious sweet treat could be a healthy one; however, I am sure you don’t want to say no to this chocolate offering. Youngevity also promotes minerals which are essential for optimal health.


Youngevity—What are the sources of income?


The compensation plan of the company is called Unilevel compensation plan and is believed to be the most generous plan there is. In Youngevity, you start as a Junior Independent Marketing Director and could earn from personal sales and Level 2 commissions. You have to work your way up the leadership ladder by your sales volume and by the number of people you bring into the network.

The highest rank is the Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Director wherein you can have up to Level 8 commissions. Youngevity also promises leadership bonuses, a reactivation bonus, a fast start bonus, a dream car bonus and a lot more.


Youngevity—Is it the right opportunity for You?


Youngevity does not only provide each one with a healthy body and lifestyle through its products. If you are looking into having your own business and gaining financial freedom, then Youngevity gladly offers them for you. You are the only one to decide whether it’s right for you or not.

Think of the following guidelines: established name of the company, reliable and good products and lucrative compensation plan. I am sure you have learned about Youngevity much more in this brief review. So think about the opportunity it offers in this network marketing world. Or…


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