Zeek Recovery – ZeekRewards Net Loser

Zeek Recovery – ZeekRewards Net Loser



If you are in the MLM network marketing industries, I am sure you have heard about the ZeekRewards or you may or may not have been involve with it. Sad thing, it was shut down on August 17, 2012. Here is the inside story. Yes! We choose to participant in it. Now neither we are the Net Winner or the Net Loser. Good or Bad?


Here is the later new for the ZeekRewards. Watch this Video..

As many of you know, the Receiver in the ZeekRewards case sent out well over 1,000 subpoenas to the “net winners” pursuant to the ZeekRewards liquidation plan. In case you’re like most people and you’re not sure what a subpoena is, it’s a document from a court that compels someone to produce evidence (documents, verbal testimony, etc) pursuant to a lawsuit. In this case, the Receiver is asking for a lot of information from the “net winners.” Specifically, he’s asking about their involvement with ZeekRewards, how much money they made from ZeekRewards, personal financial standing, and he’s also asking about large purchases made over the past couple of years i.e. cars, boats, homes, etc. As we mentioned in the past, the Receiver is responsible for making the pot of cash as large as possible to ensure the victims get a fair amount of the proceeds. Along those lines, the Receiver is obligated to pursue funds from the net winners. As Phillip Young said in his article about the Liquidation Plan, “The receiver clearly considers any positive returns on a ZeekRewards investment to be a fraudulent transfer, and his pleading indicates that he plans to immediately pursue the return of those funds.”

Since the subpoenas have recently been sent out, we now have a better idea of the Receiver’s plans before he issues distributions to the victims. The Contributors on the Zeek Recovery Info site along with Troy Dooly will be conducting a live Google Hangout to answer some of the common questions about this process. We’ll be conducting the hangout on Thursday, November 15th at 5:00 CST.


Net Losers Are You Holding Hope For Your Money Back From ZeekRewards?


Are you holding on hope to get your money back from Zeekrewards? Or you chose to move on. Life is a learning journey. Yes! I am one of the Net Losers But I take that as a learning lesson. I move on to Empower Network, yes it is kind of a MLM Business Online. No! you can take it as to educate yourself. For me, I understand what I paid for is pure Education and I have the right to earn 100% commission if I want to market their products. Which school or college or university can guarantee your education will give you a job and you can get paid to refer new students to them?

As my opinion, it is all the Education and knowledge we have within to share and help more people to achieve what we want in life. Money is just an element to keep everything going around! Yes! I love money, Yes! I love to make a lot of money to enjoy the time and financial freedom. Don’t get me wrong, Money is a huge part of my life. But I understand all rich and successful have gone through the up and down of the Money Game!

After this ZeekRewards lesson, I totally understand I have to learn more in order to earn more. I am fully committed to take my life to the next level. I am so thankful for all those lessons I learned from the down side of my life. I am grateful for where I am now and looking forward where I am heading to 2013 where Empower Network is on the Movement. Wanna want a piece of the pie, join me right here, right now. I am looking forward meeting you at the TOP!
To Your Massive Success!




Empower Network Vs ZeekRewards

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